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Chrispine Ongango, CPA

Financial Expert Focused On Helping Construction CEOs Optimize Business Profits while saving on Taxes

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Working with small to mid-Size business owners all over the United States, Chrispine Ongango CPA, LLC represents Construction and Real Estate clients on and between coasts. Our firm specializes in all Accounting and Tax matters whether your business is a start-up or already established. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every client and customize our support to every individual client needs and concerns.



Let access your current tax strategies. More than likely you are over paying on your tax bill each quarter. Let’s discuss on a FREE consultaion how we can improve this.


Set up your small business Correctly

4-6 Week course training that will get you started and/or on track correctly in you business.


Use a business vehicle for maximum deductions

You probably like your personal vehicle just as it is. But wouldn’t you like it far better if it were producing tax deductions? Perhaps big deductions, immediately...